Speediware provides the only unified solution for your Affirmative Action Planning and Applicant Tracking. Unlike other solutions that separate the two processes requiring additional work and lack required analysis, Speediware's solutions provide seemless integration and enhanced analysis while saving work and time.

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Company History

Following the buyout of Criterion Incorporated in 2000, Speediware Corporation was founded in 2003 by three former employees which included the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer from Criterion. With the combined experience of over 30 years in the Affirmative Action Planning business, the mission was to create affordable solutions that were simple to use, fully compliant with all EEOC and OFCCP regulations, and within the reach of all companies.

SpeedEEO was launched in 2004 bringing to the market for the first time an all inclusive Affirmative Action Planning system delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) making it affordable and available to companies of all sizes. Following the success of SpeedEEO and seeing the need for an end to end solution of recruiting new employees, tracking them through the process, and monitoring the effect on goals, an Applicant Tracking System was created and launched in 2006. SpeediARMS is the only Applicant Tracking System that flows into your Affirmative Action Plan in real-time for up to the minute reporting.



Our SpeedEEO product is an All Inclusive Affirmative Action Planning package that is fast and easy to use. Create your OFCCP compliant AAP and continue to monitor your progress througout the year with on-demand reporting and up to date analysis.

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Only Speediware delivers Applicant Tracking as a tightly integrated system with your Affirmative Action Plan. With seemless integration you can track applicants through the hire process directly into your AAP and goals reporting with up to the minute analysis.

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